Online Marketing for Small Canadian Businesses

brandsOnline marketing is also known as online advertising. It involves using a variety of strategies, tools, and techniques with the purpose of increasing brand awareness. It is a form of marketing that is quickly gaining popularity throughout a variety of industries and sectors. Small businesses, too, are using online marketing to their advantage.

Small businesses face certain obstacles that larger companies might not when it comes to marketing. The cost and reach involved with such campaigns can often be considerable. Luckily, online marketing takes some of these concerns out of the equation for small businesses. Here is what you need to know about the process:

Online Marketing Strategies

Here are the most common and effective strategies for online marketing:

SEM: SEM refers to search engine marketing and consists of search engine optimization (SEO) and paid search advertising (PSA). SEO is when you create content will allow you to show up higher on the lists of search engines. It is best to make sure that you utilize local SEO so that individuals looking in your particular region will be able to find you more easily. PSA involves paying for the visits that you get from search traffic.

Mobile marketing: this is when you create mobile platforms to improve the user experience. This can include using apps that can be easily downloaded or even ensuring that people can easily view your website on their mobile devices.

Content marketing: because people have so much more access to information now, it is imperative that you provide the highest quality of content. Make sure that everything that you produce is well written and factual.

Social media: social media gives you an easy way to spread the message about the content that you have created. It is also a great way to directly keep in touch with your current customers while providing you with access to an even larger audience.

Cost of Online Marketing

As mentioned, one of the disadvantages of a small business may be the limited funds that you may have. There are certain aspects of online marketing, however, that will not cost you anything. For instance, having a blog or using social media to get the word out about your brand will actually cost you no money at all. Similarly, you can determine the most popular keywords or terms that are being used to find businesses such as yours, and all you have to do is to include those keywords in your content.

The cost for online marketing for a small business in Canada can vary from between $400 to $2000 depending on the package that you choose. An app is considerably more expensive to develop. This too, depends on how complex or interactive that you want your app to be. The typical cost of an app is usually above $3000. It is estimated that there are many small and the medium sized businesses that spend about 31,000 on their online marketing budget.

Online Branding

Branding is getting your consumer base and the general public to associate your company with a particular image or statement. It is the perception that other individuals have of your business. Online branding can be a little trickier than traditional versions of marketing. This is due to the speed with which information and advertising can travel through the internet. This is good news if it is a popular tactic but may cause a great deal of problems if it is a negative ad.

The best approach is to tell people the story behind your business. This adds a personal touch to your company. You can use videos and social media to get this message across. It is about adding value to the products and the services that your consumers buy.

Online marketing can offer a world of opportunities when it is done correctly. Remember to always consider the various aspects of your marketing and your message before you display it to the world.

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